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Les Miles should be using an Exclusive Buyer's Agent

I'm at a meeting this week and someone who knows I'm a active real estate broker comes up and asks me what I know about Les Miles coming to Ann Arbor....


It turns out that Les and/or his wife reportedly were talking to a real estate agent up here about a home purchase. And, that conversation made it to the press.

Somehow I doubt that was their plan.

Here is the deal Les: If you talk to a big company who represents sellers and buyers there is a good chance you will not have any confidentiality.

If you want your home purchase to be confidential, call our office.

As an Exclusive Buyer's Broker we've helped home buyers buy a home without the neighbors finding out who they were, without the listing agent finding out who they were, without the seller finding out who they were, and without the press finding out what they were doing.

Obviously it takes some effort on your part also, but we are available to help.


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