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Storefront Mistaken Identity - Why?

Our office has been in our current location for about six years. We've had from four to eight of the top real estate buyer agents in the state here. However, to this day we still have people coming through our front door thinking they are going into our neighbor's door. Probably at least once a week this happens, and sometimes it happens a couple times in one day. I don't get it. Here is our front door:

Here is their front door:

I guess it is nice that people want to walk in our door. But why do they?



One of the strangest transactions ever.

As the largest buyer's brokerage in the Ann Arbor area we have seen
all kinds of weird home sale situations.

This week we witnessed one of the strangest ever.

The home was a foreclosed from one of the large secondary market

The strangest thing was that of closed this week and we still don't
have a signed purchase contract!

More to come .....

Jon Boyd
Broker / Manager
The Home Buyer's Agent of Ann Arbor
1908 W. Stadium Blvd. Ann Arbor MI 48103

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