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New Baskin Robins d├ęcor

We were at the W.Stadium Baskin Robins today and of looks great.

They were closed for about a month for their redecorating and it looks

Stop by for a cone soon.


SEO link Building: How to Get backlinks without spamming

SEO link Building: How to Get backlinks without spamming

Interesting post on a link-building idea.

I'm trying to make sure our main website gets a good number of links to help Ann Arbor real estate buyers.

Septic field inspection

When you buy a home with a septic field, it is important to have an
evaluation of the field done.

In Washtenaw county the county has standards and a specific
requirement for an evalation to be done prior to change of ownership.

But in other Michigan counties you are on your own.

The interpretation of the report is critical also.

Gutter screen I've never seen before

I'm at an inspection today at a local luxury home . The photo below is
of a gutter that has a fabric screen over a metal grill over the gutter.

I've never seen one like this before. (Neither has the inspector.)


Campus turns green on St. Patricks day

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