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Informative, Free, Home Buying Class in Ann Arbor

Our first home buying class of the spring is scheduled for April 14th.

The participants in the last monthly class were quite happy with the content and presentations. One person said "My brain was about to explode with all the information".

If you are interested in learning more about buying your first home click the link above to visit our main office website.



Local Exclusive Buyer's Broker quoted in the Los Angeles Times

A local home buying expert was quoted in this story in the LA Times on staging.,0,903663.story

(The local expert happens to be me, in my role as past president of our national organization.)

The important things to remember for buyers:

1. Don't get emotionally attached to the decor, furnishings, lighting or presentation.
2. A well staged home is not necessarily a well maintained home.
3. If you like a color scheme or furniture layout you can probably use it in whatever home you buy.
4. Try to look past the staging, because it won't be there when they hand you the keys.
5. Staging is sometimes used to cover up defects.


"How To Buy A Foreclosure" Class packed with participants

We had our first monthly "How to Buy a Foreclosure" class last night and it was very well received.

We covered foreclosure terminology, the timeline, short-sales and then we reviewed actual example transactions.

All of the participants seemed pleased with the material and what they learned.

If you are interested in a future class visit our website:



Good article on potential use of the Pfizer site,

MLive had a good article this week on the potential usage of the Pfizer site.

If somebody picks up the site it will change the face of local residential real estate again.

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