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Les Miles should be using an Exclusive Buyer's Agent

I'm at a meeting this week and someone who knows I'm a active real estate broker comes up and asks me what I know about Les Miles coming to Ann Arbor....


It turns out that Les and/or his wife reportedly were talking to a real estate agent up here about a home purchase. And, that conversation made it to the press.

Somehow I doubt that was their plan.

Here is the deal Les: If you talk to a big company who represents sellers and buyers there is a good chance you will not have any confidentiality.

If you want your home purchase to be confidential, call our office.

As an Exclusive Buyer's Broker we've helped home buyers buy a home without the neighbors finding out who they were, without the listing agent finding out who they were, without the seller finding out who they were, and without the press finding out what they were doing.

Obviously it takes some effort on your part also, but we are available to help.



Dexter Peacock gets 15 seconds of fame at CNN Money

Our office doesn't currently have a Dexter blog, so this article is going into both our Ann Arbor site and our Chelsea site -

If you've been reading some of our blogs you probably know was the President this year of the National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents. (

I spent a lot of time this year dealing with running a national professional association, but, there were some fun parts. One of which is speaking to reporters from around the country about home buying issues.

Well when I was speaking to George Mannes at CNN Money last month the topic was on strange things that sellers were offering in negotiations. One of the strangest I had heard of locally was a peacock that had decided to live in the back yard of a Dexter home. When some of my clients visited a Sunday open house the listing agent there was quick to offer the wonderful peacock to the buyers as an added bonus. (Note to listing agents everywhere: Most buyers don't want big birds taking over their back yard. Even peacocks.)

In any case, this story made it into CNN Money at the link above.

It is a fun and interesting article for anyone thinking


Northside projects moving forward again - bad for condo prices

The large brown building at the corner of Upland and Plymouth that has been looking very sorry the last six months or so is online again.

The project was halted because one of the partners in the development passed away last summer.

When it is completed it is slated to have a Panera Bread and possibly a Qdoba.

The problem is that is is also slated to have about 20 condos ranging in size from 500 to 1,500 square feet. This additional inventory will not help north side condo/home values, which have already taken a hit because of the Pfizer ePfect.

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Football coaches and real estate

I understand LSU football coach Les Miles is potential head coach candidate to replace the retiring Lloyd Carr.

Athletics here at the University of Michigan is really big, and often coaches end up buying substantial homes, often in the Burns Park - Ann Arbor Hills areas.

This article mentions that Mr. Miles may be coming soon to Ann Arbor to interview and look at real estate.

It is a buyer's market Mr. Miles, and we would be happy to help you evaluate it!

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