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Boneheaded Buyer Move

If you are buying something as expensive as real estate it can be very worthwhile to get educated on negotiation before you start the process.

Here is a post discussing a problem a buyer had created for themselves before they came into our office: Bad Buyer Move

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Structuring a Repair Credit During a Home Purchase

Here is a post from our Pinckney home buying blog about structuring a repair credit when you are buying a home and the inspection shows a serious problem.

Repair Credit Post

Also, here is a link to the article I was quoted in from the Detroit Free Press:

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Someone else picked up on Fake Buyer Agents

A home buying expert out of Columbus Ohio named Mike Marshal has also been concerned about fake buyer agents. He's even found a nationally syndicated article on the topic.

Check out his "Home Buyer's Advocate" site here:
Home Buyer's Advocate Mike

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Post on Ummel home buying case

One of our other Blogs has a post about the Ummel case in California.

(It is actually a about a press release that NAEBA did about the case. NAEBA is the National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents, the standard setting organization for buyer agents.)

I'm not sure if I might have a linking problem so I'm going to repeat the link from the title line above here: Howell Real Estate Blog with link to Exclusive Buyer Agent article

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The listing agent said "the seller was insulted....."

Here is a post in one of our other blogs that I thought I would share.

Post on insulting sellers

It isn't really about insulting anybody, but it is about negotiation.


Joining Technorati

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Technorati is a website/tool that is helpful for understanding and tracking blog sites.

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