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For the love of a warm natural fireplace

When I am viewing property with buyer clients I bend over backwards
tonot impose my personal tastes on them.

One example is fireplaces.
These days about 80% of home buyers prefer gas fireplaces because
they are so clean and quick.

Our family prefers the Avalon fireplace insert we have and real wood.

In fact we just got our yearly supply of eight cords of mixed
hardwood. (Pictured below)

Yes, that is a lot of wood. And my wife does most of the work
with stacking it and my children do most of the work with
bringing it into the home to burn. (And the cats seem to get
the most enjoyment from the heat.)

With the warmth and the smells and the dust and the wood
chips and .... it is a lot different from a gas fireplace.

To each his/her own.

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