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Ann Arbor and the AARP #1 Healthiest Town To Live IN

If you are thinking about moving to the Ann Arbor area, here is a report from the American Association of Retired Persons that has placed Ann Arbor as the #1 healthiest towns to retire in.

The link above is for the video and here is a link to the text portion of the article:



We can't go to the Art Fair without getting a funnel cake!

We love the Ann Arbor Art Fair and my wife pointed out that we've been
coming here together for the last 22 years.

One thing she always wants to do is get her once a year funnel cake.
Her favorite place is in front of the Michigan Union. Today we had a
little funnel cake picnic in front of the University of Michigan Law

We really enjoy Ann Arbor!


More fun in Ann Arbor at the pre-Art Fair "Townie Party"

A fair number of locals get annoyed at the big crowds of Art Fair
later this week.

So, a pre-fair party for us locals.

Big fun!

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