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New Lockbox System at Ann Arbor Area Board of REALTORS

This week the Ann Arbor Board of REALTORS started using a new
electronic lockbox system.

It looks like it will be quite an improvement over the old infrared


A Thorough Home Inspector

One thing that often separates real buyer agents from the pretend
buyer agents / designated buyer agents is the type of inspectors they

For most buyers we recommend at least medium grade inspectors but
often the real thorough guys.

This photo is of a thorough inspector who has filled the tub to check
the overflow and is standing on the tub rim to check for settling &
wood rot on this -150 year old home.

Most inspectors don't do this. Because most inspectors focus on making
real estate agents happy.

It you want a real estate company to be on your side, call us. 734-662-6140


Saturday after Thanksgiving meeting at Washtenaw Dairy


AOL Real Estate Picks Up Interview With Our Broker Jon Boyd

A writer for interviewed our broker Jon Boyd one or two months back for an piece he was working on on the subject of home purchase language.

Specifically, the topic was things seller's agents will say with reference to their listings to try to catch the interest of home buyers. Hint: They are often not true.

These phrases were collected from our national association ( and the are definitely genuine.

Here is what you want to consider:

If a real estate agent routinely directs words like these to buyers, why would you ever want somebody like at being your buyer's agent or designated buyer's agent?

Just a idea to consider as you look for for Ann Arbor real estate.

Here is the article.


The Ann Arbor MLS System Is Going Crazy Today!

It is funny how much we depend on technology in the Ann Arbor real estate business these days.

About an hour ago I started having problems with our MLXchange system. (That is the database of property used by the Ann Arbor Area Board of REALTORS.)

Today the MLXchange system was crashing a lot when I tried to look at some detailed property listings. To the point is was almost unusable. So I decided to take a break and look at some other things.

Just now I received an automated email of a price reduction that sounded too good to be true. It is a West Ann Arbor home that would be priced around $225,000 and the price noted was $125,000. So, I pulled up the complete data and sure enough it looked like there was a big price reduction.

Well the listing agent is someone I work with a lot and she is normally very professional. As I looked at it closer something didn't make sense so I decided to call her and see if it was just a typo she would want to fix.

I call her and she knows nothing about a price reduction! It would appear that the MLXchange system reduced the price without human intervention!

Either that, or, it has let some quirk in the data slip by where somebody else's reduction was made on this propery.

Very strange day for real estate!

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Ann arbor Rolling Sculpture

A view from town tonight.


First Friday at Top of The Park

HoMo is rockin'

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